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Get a free financial health checkup in 5 minutes: 315-935-9379

We sift through layers

to maximize cost recovery.


​We partner with organizations to review their invoices for errors, overcharges, and cost inefficiencies.
Our expert audit staff will uncover problems that have gone undetected.
We have a high success rate of improving
cash flow for various clients. 
Our clients typically realize improved cash flow within two billing cycles.
​Let us perform a risk-free,
contingency-based invoice audit to find out.    

It's complicated.  
There are many factors that affect how much you owe your providers.  

We can help.
We will thoroughly analyze your charges and all supporting documents.  

There’s no risk to you.
We do not charge fees;
we are compensated from a percentage of the results we find. 
We don't get paid unless you receive financial benefit
from our work.