Types of Expense Reduction Audits and Consulting

Don't assume you can't do anything about reducing your costs.

The only ones who profit due to inaction are your providers/vendors.

A no-risk, no-cost audit can help your company now and in the future. Potential refunds and savings will go straight to your bottom line.



Electric, gas, water, sewer

Your organization might track/review usage, $/kWh, $/therm, and seasonal trends, but how do you know you're being billed accurately and cost efficiently for both delivery and supply?  Is there someone on your staff who keeps abreast of new or changing tariffs or knows how to read and interpret tariffs?  It's unlikely you do.  We can help.

We can make sure your money is well-spent by performing the following services:

  • Audit bills for errors, overcharges, riders, surcharges, and special provisions

  • Compare bills to tariff(s) to ensure billing accuracy and cost efficiency

  • Analyze rate and tariff choices

  • Reduce or remove unnecessary charges 

  • Work directly with providers to get immediate refunds

  • Work directly with providers to get account corrections made

  • Confirm appropriate changes have been made to your accounts

  • Ongoing periodic reviews of future invoices 

  • Review of ALL available electric and gas suppliers to get best rate



Local, long distance, wireless, data, internet, VoIP, cable, cloud, fiber, network

The telecom industry is confusing, complex, and ever-changing.  We are experts in deciphering the maze.  We'll partner with you to do the following:

  • Audit of all bills for errors and overcharges

  • Evaluate the cost effectiveness of line charges, usage charges, and feature/bundle packages

  • Audit of contracts to ensure appropriate billing

  • Compare your current billing platforms to market pricing/trends

  • Reduce or remove unnecessary charges and fees

  • Obtain available refunds due to billing errors

  • Increase your buying power and help you buy technology to reduce costs and/or improve your operational efficiency

  • Act as an independent, unbiased business partner to negotiate new services or contracts with existing or new provider(s)

  • Constant monitoring of changes occurring in the telecom industry for opportunities to lower monthly costs

  • Save you significant time and resources



Waste, Recycling and Medical Waste


We have extensive waste industry knowledge, including an understanding of how waste haulers’ costs vary by region due to local regulations, competition, availability of recycling services, and the cost structure of local landfills. 

Our knowledge of actual market rates for waste hauling services by region, as well as national program offerings, is unsurpassed.  We'll partner with your organization to do the following:


  • Recover overcharges through precise, systematic invoice auditing 

  • Define and manage line item charges (typically not included on the invoices) 

  • Negotiate low service rates and complete fee structures without an exhausting bid process

  • Optimize waste service levels

  • Maintain accurate data on waste volume generated at each location

  • Negotiate favorable contract terms and conditions to protect your organization from costs creeping up above the market's best rates 

  • Discover continuous improvement opportunities 

  • Perform ongoing periodic reviews of future invoices 

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